Probability Calculator

  • Dice Probability The probability that it throws a dice and a specific number goes out is calculated.
  • Probability of sum of dice It throws some dices, and the probability of the sum is calculated.
  • Coin Probability Probability that the specified number of times the coin toss, leave the table is calculated.
  • Probability of drop item The acquisition probability of the drop item is calculated from the drop rate.
  • Probability of winning in gacha Calculate the acquisition probability from the appearance rate of gacha and the number of trials.
  • Number of times to hit with gacha Calculate the required number of attempts from the appearance rate of gacha and the probability you want to win.
  • Probability of complete When you draw a specified number of times Gacha, the probability of completion is calculated.
  • Probability of lottery The probability of hitting is calculated from the amount of money and the winning probability of the number of sheets of purchase of the lottery and the hit.
  • Probability of continuously win The probability of continuously win is displayed by the list when drawing lots about a specific probability.