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Calculate timeCalculate time

Calculate dateCalculate date

Calculate calendarCalculate calendar

Calculate biorhythmCalculate biorhythm

  • Biorhythm Calculate and display the biorhythm from the date of birth.
  • Biorhythm compatibility Biorhythm compatibility is calculated and displayed at my and other party's date of birth.

Convert characterConvert character

  • URL encode URL is encoded with SJIS, UTF-8, and EUC-JP, etc. and the input character string is displayed.
  • URL dencode The character string to which URL is encoded is done deciphering URL and displayed.
  • Into character entity reference The input character string is converted into the character entity reference and it is displayed.
  • From character entity reference The input character entity reference is converted into the character string and it is displayed.
  • Count number of characters Input number of characters and number of bytes are counted including or not include new line and space
  • Full-width <--> half-width The character is converted from full-width to half-width and half-width to full-width.
  • Convert Hiragana <--> Katakana The character is converted from the Hiragana from the Katakana and the Katakana to the Hiragana.
  • converte to uppercase <--> lowercase The character is converted from uppercase to lowercase, and lowercase to uppercase.
  • Convert space The half-width space of the character is deleted, and half-width space is converted into the full-width space.
  • Convert new line New line is converted into the deletion and half-width space, and it converts it into the HTML tag.

Convert unitCalculate unit

Calculate mapCalculate map

Calculate random numbersCalculate random numbers

Calculate probabilityCalculate probability

  • Probability of the dice The probability that it throws a dice and a specific number goes out is calculated.
  • Probability of the sum of the dice It throws some dices, and the probability of the sum is calculated.
  • Probability of a coin Probability that the specified number of times the coin toss, leave the table is calculated.
  • Probability of drop item The acquisition probability of the drop item is calculated from the drop rate.
  • Probability of complete When you draw a specified number of times Gacha, the probability of completion is calculated.
  • Probability of lottery The probability of hitting is calculated from the amount of money and the winning probability of the number of sheets of purchase of the lottery and the hit.
  • Probability of continuously win The probability of continuously win is displayed by the list when drawing lots about a specific probability.

Calculate areaCalculate area

Calculate volumeCalculate volume

Calculate triangleCalculate triangle

Calculate divisor and multipleCalculate divisor and multiple

Calculate progressionCalculate progression

CalculatorSimple Calculator

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