Calculation of the degree of obesity (Laurell index) of children and students

What is Laurel Index

The Laurel Index is a body mass index that indicates the degree of obesity in children and students.

The standard is about 130, and if it is within plus or minus 15, it is considered a standard body shape.

Laurel index formula

The Laurel index is calculated using the following formula.

Laurel index = Body weight(kg) ÷ (Height(m))3x 3

Criteria for the Laurel Index

The standard ranges for the Laurel exponent are:

Typical range of the Laurel exponent

Laurel index Condition
< 100 Severe thinness
100 – 115 Mild thinness
115 – 145 Standard
145 – 160 Overweight
≥ 160 Obese