Calculation of beauty weight and Cinderella weight

Ideal weight

When checking weight, there is something called BMI that checks the degree of obesity.

BMI, also known as Body Mass Index, is a body mass index that indicates the degree of obesity of a person calculated from height and weight.

If this BMI value is higher than the standard, you are overweight, and if it is lower, you are underweight.

Based on this BMI, there are things called "beauty weight", "Cinderella weight", and "model weight".

Standard weight

Weight for a BMI of 22.

The Japan Obesity Society considers a BMI of 22 as the normal weight.

This weight is said to be the ideal weight that is least likely to get sick.

Beauty weight

Weight when BMI is 20.

It is slimmer than standard weight and has a slender weight.

It is a weight that is not too skinny and not too plump.

Cinderella weight

Weight for a BMI of 18.

According to the standards of the Japan Society for the Study of Obesity, if you are under 18.5, you are underweight.

It's even thinner and slimmer than the beauty weight.

Model weight

Weight for a BMI of 17.

It's even thinner than Cinderella's weight, and it's a lot of weight for models and actresses.

It gives a morbid impression and increases health risks.

Calculation formula for beauty weight and Cinderella weight

Each weight is calculated by the following formula.

Standard weight = (Height(m))2 x 22

Beauty weight = (Height(m))2 x 20

Cinderella weight = (Height(m))2 x 18

Model weight = (Height(m))2 x 17

BMI for each weight

It is the BMI value of each of "normal weight", "beauty weight", "Cinderella weight", and "model weight".

Type BMI value
Standard weight 22
Beauty weight 20
Cinderella weight 18
Model weight 17