What is biorhythm

Biorhythm is a wave that is said to change the physical and mental state of life in a certain cycle.

In the case of humans, three types of “Physical”, “Emotional”, and “Intellectual” change in their own cyclical patterns.

Based on the date of birth, the cycle of “Physical” is 23 days, “Emotional” is 28 days, and “Intellectual” is 33 days.

View of Biorhythm

The biorhythm graph is drawn as a sine curve, with the high period from the middle to the top and the low period from the middle to the bottom.

In addition, the zero day in the middle is an unstable day.

It is said that the day when each rhythm crosses the center line of the graph is the day to be careful.

Before and after the middle instability day, you need to be careful because the balance of your body, emotions, and intellect is likely to be unstable.

Type of biorhythm

Biorhythm of the “Physical”: 23 day cycle

Physical rhythms such as physical strength, resistance, and endurance.

When you're on high note, your body is in good health, full of stamina and energy. You can demonstrate your strength in sports, travel, and work that uses your body.

It is said that it is easy to get tired when the tone is low, and it is better to devote it to rest.

On unstable days, it is necessary to be especially careful, such as avoiding dangerous plans that tend to make you sick.

Biorhythm of "Emotional": 28 day cycle

Emotional rhythms such as mood, sensitivity, and energy.

When it's high, the feeling is positive and full of energy.

When it's low, it's a time when you're passive, depressed, irritated, and moody.

Unstable days can make you more emotionally volatile and more difficult to control.

Biorhythm of "Intellectual": 33 day cycle

It is a rhythm of intelligence that uses the head, such as intellect, thinking power, logical power, and memory power.

When I'm in high spirits, I can study well and come up with new ideas at work. Since you have a clear head, you are also suitable for tasks that require difficult decisions.

When you're low, you can't organize your thoughts well or concentrate.

On unstable days, judgment and concentration become dull, making it easier to make mistakes.

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