Biorhythm compatibility

What is biorhythm

Biorhythm is a wave that is said to change the physical and mental state of life in a certain cycle.

In the case of humans, three types of “Physical”, “Emotional”, and “Intellectual” change in their own cyclical patterns.

Based on the date of birth, the cycle of “Physical” is 23 days, “Emotional” is 28 days, and “Intellectual” is 33 days.

View of biorhythm compatibility

The biorhythm graph is drawn as a sine curve, with the high period from the middle to the top and the low period from the middle to the bottom.

In addition, the zero day in the middle is an unstable day.

In the case of compatibility, the difference in biorhythm between you and your partner is displayed in a graph.

So, the smaller the vertical swing, the more the two people have the same rhythm, and the better the compatibility.

If it swings upward, you are in the high period and the other party is in the low period.

Conversely, if it swings downward, you are in a low period and your opponent is in a high period.

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