Convert character to numeric character reference

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Numeric character reference (Character reference)

Character reference

This is a method of notating characters and symbols that cannot be directly described in documents such as HTML and XML using a combination of specific symbols and alphanumeric characters.

There are two types of character references in HTML: numeric character references and character entity references, depending on the notation method.

Here, the input string is converted to characters in numeric character reference notation.

Conversely, if you want to convert the numeric character reference notation in the string to the original character, you can convert it with Convert numeric character reference to character.

Numeric character reference

A numeric character reference is a way of specifying a character by its unicode character number.

There are decimal and hexadecimal notations.

For decimal numbers, use the notation "&#character number;", and for hexadecimal numbers, use the notation "&#x character number;".

Numeric character references are represented by character codes, so any character that has a character code can be represented by a numeric character reference.