How to use the stopwatch

Start, Stop, Clear

Click the "Start" button to start measurement.

Click the "Stop" button to pause the measurement.

If you click the "Clear" button, the measurement will be canceled and the recorded laps and splits will be deleted.


Click the "Lap/Split" button to measure laps and splits.

Each time you click "Lap", it measures the time since you clicked the "Lap" button before that.

Every time you click "Split", it measures the time since you clicked the "Start" button.

Laps and splits are displayed in a list, so you can easily check them.


By changing "Display milliseconds", you can change whether to display the measurement time down to milliseconds.

When "split display" is displayed, the time after clicking the "Lap/Split" button is also displayed in addition to the measurement time.

About Lap and Split

Total time

First, the total time is the time from when you press the start button to when you press the stop button.

In running, racing, etc., it is the total time it takes from the start to the finish line.

Lap time

Lap time is the time for each divided section of the entire section.

For example, when going around a track, you can measure the time for each lap by pressing the "Lap" button each time.

Even if the distance for each section is different, such as in a marathon, you can measure the time from the point where you press the "Lap" button to the next point.

Sprit time

Split time is the time from the start at the time you press the button.

When going around the track, if you press the "Split" button after each lap, the time it takes to complete one lap, and then the time to complete two laps, will continue.

In the case of a marathon, etc., you can measure the time taken from the start to that point.