Probability of lottery

When you buy 30 lottery ticket with 10 dollar each.

 The probability that at least one hitThe probability that at least one hit(%)Expected value of per(Dollars)
1st prize2.9999956484561E-60.0002999995648456140
1st prize before and after5.9999826002022E-60.0005999982600202220
1st Prize Mismatch0.000299956504058340.0299956504058341
2nd prize9.0089697805107E-60.000900896978051079.009009009009
3rd prize0.000299956504058340.02999565040583410
4th place0.00299565405726050.2995654057260510
5th prize0.2602996266117226.02996266117230
6th prize0.9576088417247895.76088417247830

Expected value of per: 150.00900900901Dollars

Expected value balance = The expected value of the amount of money earned - Purchasing price

= (150.00900900901Dollars × 30Piece) - (10Dollars × 30Piece)

= 4500.2702702703 - 300Dollars

= 4200.2702702703Dollars